Wind Damage

Wind damage isn’t plain and straightforward. Damage from heavy winds can be easily detectable or completely undetectable. That’s why you need a professional who knows exactly how to identify wind damage and can help you get paid what you deserve for your wind settlement.

Not all wind damage is the same. Like fires, it can range from being easily detectable to subtle. For example, wind can loosen roof coverings from the roof decking, but once the storm blows over, it may be difficult to see such damage. Our team is certified in roof damage identification and expert in correctly identifying wind damage.

We understand how emotionally and physically exhausting dealing with wind damage can be. When you choose us to fight for you to get the compensation you need, we start the process by creating a detailed report of the extent of damage. We evaluate the level of roof/structural damage and any hidden issues that need to be addressed and compensated for. Next, we submit your claim to the insurance company and fight to the end to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of. You can rest assured that someone is in your corner, fighting to make sure that you get paid what you deserve.