Fire Damage

A fire is definitely one of the most devastating things that can occur. Aside from having to deal with the destruction from the fire, itself, you are impacted by soot, smoke and water damage from firefighting efforts. At Richman & Associates, we understand that the emotional distress of dealing with fire damage can make the insurance claims process even more difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help. We’ll help you file and negotiate your fire insurance claims, and we work on your behalf to get you paid what you deserve.

Anyone can become a victim of a fire. A small electric spark, a gas leak, a cooking mishap or lightning strike can cause hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars in damage. The resulting damage can range anywhere from a scorched wall to a destroyed structure. Fire damage seems easy to detect on the surface, but damage caused by smoke and water to extinguish the blaze can result in hidden problems that can linger unless they are properly identified. That’s where our local team of public adjusters come in. Each one is certified by the IICRC in fire, smoke and water cleaning, and restoration processes to ensure that all damage is identified and properly fixed.

We understand how emotionally and physically exhausting dealing with fire damage can be. When you choose us to fight for you to get the compensation you need, we start the process by creating a detailed report of the extent of damage – what is salvageable and what is destroyed/lost. We evaluate the level of structural damage and any hidden issues that need to be addressed and compensated for. Then, we submit your claim to the insurance company. We’ll fight to the end to ensure that you’re not taken advantage of. You can rest assured that someone is in your corner, fighting for you to get paid what you deserve.