Commercial Property

If you’re a business owner, then you must have commercial property insurance. This is a general type of insurance that protects your property, including buildings, equipment, inventory and all other physical assets of a business. Knowing what exactly your policy covers will help you get the settlement you need when disaster strikes.

Commercial property insurance is a non-specific insurance policy that covers your business’ assets. This type of policy usually covers buildings, equipment, inventory and all of the other physical assets of a business. Should your company’s physical assets suffer damage from fire, explosions, burst pipes, storms, theft or vandalism, you should receive compensation from your insurance company.

Items usually covered in a commercial property claim are: computers, furniture and equipment, exterior signs, fencing and landscaping, important documents, inventory and others’ property. While your insurance adjuster might seem nice, their main responsibility is keeping costs as low as possible for the insurance company, and if they can find a loophole in your policy, they will deny your claim and not pay you for any damage. At Richman & Associates we don’t think this is fair. If your business experiences some form of loss, we work with you to get your business back to normal operations as quickly as possible while maximizing the financial compensation you get from your claim. No matter what the extent of damage, we can help all types of business owners and managers with new claims, underpaid claims and even denied claims. Richman & Associates has your best interest at heart, we are ready and able to fight for you to get paid what you deserve!