Business Interruption

When a disaster occurs on your property and prevents you from operating your business as usual, it is considered business interruption. Some insurance companies offer a specific policy for this occurrence, but with any type of commercial insurance claim, you should be able to get compensation for the business you lose in a disaster. Do you know what your insurance policy really covers?

If a disaster (man-made or natural) strikes your business and forces your daily operations to halt, then this is considered business interruption. With business interruption insurance, you can get paid the money you would have earned if the business had not been suspended. Aside from this, you might be able to get compensation for business interruption under other types of insurance claims.
The public adjusters at Richman & Associates have the experience needed to successfully negotiate your business interruption claim. We start by creating a detailed inventory of the valuables lost, then we prepare a comprehensive claim to present to your insurance company to help you achieve financial recovery and get your business back up and running. No matter the extent of damage, we can help all types of business owners and managers with new claims, underpaid claims or even denied claims. Richman & Associates has your best interest at heart, we are ready and able to fight for you to get paid what you deserve!