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Commercial Fire Damage

Commercial Fire Damage Has your business recently been hit by fire? The best way to maximize your recovery with the compensation you deserve is by calling the professionals. Let our public adjusters help you get the claim settlement that you deserve. A fire is a devastating experience for any business. During the recovery process, you’ll […]
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business inter

Business Interruption

Business Interruption When a disaster occurs on your property and prevents you from operating your business as usual, it is considered business interruption. Some insurance companies offer a specific policy for this occurrence, but with any type of commercial insurance claim, you should be able to get compensation for the business you lose in a […]
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Commercial Storm Damage

Commercial Storm Damage Has your business recently been hit by a hurricane or tropical storm? The best way to maximize your recovery with the compensation you deserve is by calling the professionals. Let our public adjusters help you get the settlement for your claim that you deserve. We live in Florida, where hurricanes are a […]
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Commercial Wind Damage

Commercial Wind Damage Not all wind damage is the same. Like fires, it can range from being easily detectable to subtle. A wind storm can result in a few loose shingles or your entire roof being blown off. Our team is certified in wind damage identification and we are backed by industry professionals, who help […]
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Commercial Hail Damage

Commercial Hail Damage Even though hail is not common in Florida, it is still possible. The majority of damage that occurs from hail will occur on your business’ roof. Our public adjusters have extensive experience and training in identifying hail damage; as well as a detailed knowledge of roofing materials, investigation methods, installation and repair […]
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Commercial Theft Damage

Commercial Theft Damage Dealing with theft and vandalism on your commercial property can be complex and stressful. This scenario will require you to file a police report before you file your insurance claim. When it comes to theft and resulting damage, you need the special attention and expertise of a public adjuster, like Richman & […]
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Commercial Large Loss

Commercial Large Loss Large loss, as the name suggests, refers to significant property damage. For businesses, large loss typically refers to damage of $50,000 or more. Large loss claims are complex insurance situations that require detailed knowledge of the claims process. Let Richman & Associates inspect your large loss with you. Large loss, as the […]
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Commercial Property

Commercial Property If you’re a business owner, then you must have commercial property insurance. This is a general type of insurance that protects your property, including buildings, equipment, inventory and all other physical assets of a business. Knowing what exactly your policy covers will help you get the settlement you need when disaster strikes. Commercial […]
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Commercial Water Damage

Commercial Water Damage Has your business experienced a flood from a broken pipe, levy break, storm or other water event? Flooding is a pretty common occurrence in Florida, and it can happen to any business. Our team of qualified adjusters can handle your flood damage claim in South Florida. Our team of professionals is very […]
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