During his time as a student-athlete at Tulane University and as a quarterback, Dylan Richman realized that he gravitated a lot towards leadership positions. Since graduation, he has had the pleasure of working in a number of roles that allowed him to gain experience in the areas of Management, Marketing, and Business. This experience led Dylan to his current entrepreneurial role as the proud owner of Richman & Associates, a public adjustment firm in South Florida. Dylan’s inspiration for starting his own company came from his belief that justice should be served and everyone should be treated fairly. While attending school in New Orleans, he saw first-hand how a lot of the damage from Hurricane Katrina was not properly remediated, and there is evidence of that even today. This experience had a lasting effect on Dylan and brought him to his calling to be a public adjuster. As a public adjuster, his aim is to make people’s lives easier after they’ve just suffered a loss/disaster by fighting for them to get the resources they need from the insurance company to restore and rebuild their lives. During high school, Dylan was a star football player and this eventually resulted in him being recruited on the Tulane University’s Football team as a quarterback. Being a student-athlete, Dylan devoted 30+ hours a week during fall and spring seasons to do practice, weight-training and being a team leader. This experience allowed him to exercise his ability to be a leader and heightened his appreciation for hard work. While growing up in Boca Raton and attending college in New Orleans, Dylan recalled experiencing a high level of customer service and, now that he’s the proud owner of his own business, he’s looking to instil those same service values within his organization. He strongly believes in justice being served, so much so that he even considered being a lawyer at one point. However, as a public adjuster, Dylan gets to lead his team in the fight for what’s right for his clients. When Dylan is not in the office fighting the good fight of getting his clients what they deserve, he enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys doing cross fit, going to the beach or simply enjoying the pleasure of his own company. He credits his parents Lori and Andrew Richman for his strong sense of morality and his ability to empathize with others. At this point in his life, Dylan is very excited to be leading a very experienced team at Richman and Associates in helping people and companies get the compensation they deserve for their claims from their insurance companies. Give him a call today!

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