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  • What is a public adjuster?
    A public adjuster is a claims adjuster/advocate that helps you get your rightful settlement from your insurance company for any type of property damage claim.

  • Why do I need a public adjuster?
    On average, people who use the services of a public adjuster get paid 747% more on their property damage claim than if they had filed it themselves.*
    *According to a OPPAGA report

  • Is the public adjuster connected to the insurance company?
    No. The insurance company has their own adjuster, who will come out to your property to assess the level of damage. We work for YOU and only you.

  • Do public adjusters need to be certified?
    Yes. Public adjusters must be tested, licensed, bonded, and authorized to practice his/her profession.

  • How does a public adjuster get paid?
    A public adjuster is only paid after you get your settlement. We usually take a small percentage of your settlement, so you never have to pay us out of your own pocket.

  • Can I file my own claim?
    Yes. You can file your own claim but how well do you know the details/fine print of your insurance policy? Public adjusters know how to identify the hidden coverages, loopholes and fine print in your policy to get you paid more. Filing insurance claims is a stressful process, so we aim to make your recovery easier by taking this burden away from you, why not let us?

  • Can you submit my claim to my insurance company for me?
    Yes. Public adjusters can file, negotiate and even reopen your claim for you.

  • My claim has already been paid, can you get me more money?
    Yes. Even if your claim has been paid, we can have it reopened within 5 years (3 years for hurricane claims) to get you a bigger settlement.

  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Miami, Florida but we can handle your claim no matter what part of Florida you’re located in.

  • What types of claims do you handle?

  • Are you licensed?
    Richman & Associates handles the following types of insurance claims for both commercial and residential clients:
    • Water Damage

    • Storm Damage

    • Fire Damage

    • Wind Damage

    • Hail Damage

    • Theft Damage

    • Large Loss

    • Commercial Property (commercial clients only)

    • Business Interruption (commercial clients only)

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