Case Studies

Theft Damage

An elderly woman came home to find her door kicked in and valuables missing. The insurance company badgered her and eventually only offered to pay $5,000. We stepped in and got that amount bumped up to $40,000.


Project Details

An elderly woman came home to find her door kicked in…she had been robbed. The insurance adjuster was badgering her during the recorded interview and we had to ask him to leave because his treatment of the client was completely unprofessional and heartless.

This was a senior citizen who had paid her premiums her entire life, and she was such a kind and gentle woman that if the thieves had just rapped on her door and asked for $100, she would have freely given it to them. Her insurance company was only willing to give her $5,000 over her deductible. We stepped in and filed a claim for the items lost and the damage to the door, which included the actual door, the paint, the trim and finishings. We ended up getting her $40,000.

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