Case Studies

Large Loss

Homeowner had roof damage that kept returning after his insurance paid him $22,500 ($1,500 under his deductible). Using our knowledge of the SEBO Act, we got him paid $125,000 more.


Project Details

We met with a homeowner that had roof damage after part of his screen enclosure had blown away. His home was in a very nice neighborhood and was about 7,000 square feet. He called his insurance company and they gave him $22,500, which was basically nothing considering his deductible was $24,000. After the settlement, he had recurring issues with leakage from the roof. Each time he got a new leak, he had to file a new claim. Eventually, we were called in and we had one of our engineers check out the issue. We were able to get him $127,000 past his deductible based on the provisions of the SIBO act. The SIBO Act states that if you have multiple claims and one claim gets covered, then all of the claims are covered.


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