Case Studies

Commercial Property

A restaurant was put out of business for 5 days which caused them to lose their inventory and resulted in a loss of business. We came in to help and got them a $40,000 settlement on what was initially a denied claim.


Project Details

The business suffered what they thought was a lightning strike, and which blew out all their electrical service. The business (a restaurant) was closed for 5 days, during which they had inventory spoilage. The insurance company dragged their feet as usual and eventually they decided to get the damages repaired out-of-pocket.

Unfortunately, the fine print of their policy said the first 5 days were not covered under a business interruption claim. Their attorney suggested they call us. We went and found out that the damage wasn’t caused by lightning, but rather a negligent contractor who blew out the transformer. We managed to get the restaurant $40,000 more than its deductible.

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  • Property Damage, Interruption And Inventory Loss
  • $40,000